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Our Philosophy
The Ziba Group has a unique perspective on business, only because our experience to date is like no other firm. When founded in 1998, the Ziba Group was primarily an IT consulting firm working in the financial services industry. Working with the majority of US financial institutions, Ziba developed this unique perspective after participating in literally identical projects across dozens of leading financial services firms. The fact that struck us was that there was a wide divergence across leading financial services firms regarding the amount time, labor and money to complete identical projects.

Our employees would share stories during their status meetings with Ziba management, where we listened to help our consultants better serve their clients. We were curious regarding the attributes of efficient and effective IT shops, vs those that were not. The conclusion we came to after dozens of examples, was that “Talent Matters.” The organizations that executed had the tools to execute. These tools were the right people. We witnessed projects where two financial organizations would complete the same work with literally an order of magnitude difference in effort.

In a time where labor, especially IT labor, is often viewed as a commodity, the Ziba Group knows this is simply untrue. We understand that the right employee or consultant, can make or break an initiative. It is because of this experience, that we have quantified critical success factors. We assess these relative to the needs of each client, and deliver talented individuals, teams, employees and consultants consistently. It is this passion for excellence that drives the Ziba Group.
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